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About SuiteBA

Welcome here. 

SuiteBA was created for business leaders who were frustrated about the tech-focused self-serving NetSuite information found online.

Hi, my name is Sandor and I am an ERP Business Analyst in practice. In my day job I provide ERP and RPA business analysis services since 2016 to a range of global companies.

I have started this website to create a comprehensive hub containing all the useful information for business leaders.

SuiteBA is here to help you find the answer if NetSuite can be your best solution to use in your growing business or not

Work With Us

SuiteBA is a small Team of online publishing enthusiasts and is just starting, so if you think you have relevant articles to publish here, please reach out. 

We hope you enjoy the content here, and if you have any suggestions how to make this website better, we would love to hear them.

SuiteBA Team